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Expertise at your side. In material selection, production and finishing

At Sebro, we readily set ourselves new challenges every day. The expertise of our employees paired with our development and production facilities provide the ideal conditions for satisfying all our customers' requirements time and time again.

Material selection with selected suppliers for best quality

Material selection

Selecting suitable materials, particularly for vehicle wear parts and safety components that are subject to high stresses, machine tools and other industrial goods is a task that carries a great deal of responsibility. The suppliers we choose to produce the relevant raw materials work to a very high technical standard and provide us with the finest quality.

Modern machinery with trained personnel in our production hall


A versatile, modern plant only makes sense if you have excellent, well trained and motivated personnel who can handle the equipment perfectly. That's why we set great store by the skills of our employees. Constant instruction and regular ongoing training and development measures are a part of our everyday company culture and are important building blocks of our sustainable success.

Diverse finishing processes improve durability.


The various finishing processes we use bring additional improvements to our components in terms of functionality and durability ‒ while making them more attractive to boot.

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