Production processes

From cutting to length to packaging

Regardless of which machining step we are performing on a workpiece at Sebro in that moment ‒ whether a single partial machining step on a machine tool or complete machining on automated production lines ‒ at every stage of production, we always aim to create only the best quality.

Cutting to length

Our cutting machines allow us to perform saw cuts for chuck parts based on bars. These semi-finished products, made from spheroidal casting, heat-treated steel and case-hardened steel or wrought aluminium alloy are then fed to the relevant turning or milling process.


We have a wide range of diverse machine tools at our disposal. When it comes to machining the friction surfaces on brake discs in particular, substantial expertise, long-standing experience and special tool development are necessary in order to achieve the utmost precision and an optimal surface structure in the turning process. We machine components up to 600 mm in diameter and 125 kg in weight on our largest vertical lathe.


Our range of CNC vertical mills are used to wet- or dry-machine various components made from cast iron, steel, aluminium and plastic. This is another area where special equipment necessary for machining emerges..

One of our horizontal machine tools is fitted with a pallet changing unit and high-accuracy pallet pivot. The pallets are loaded using a precision tombstone, on which the component-specific clamping fixtures are mounted.

Bar machining

We can perform turning and milling processes very efficiently thanks to our machine tool with a main and counter spindle. Our loader puts us in a position to machine components with a diameter of up to 76 mm from a single bar.

Perforation and slotting

Our standards of accuracy in perforating and slotting brake discs are extremely high. That's why we deploy special drilling and milling centres in this area of machining. Using the perfect tools has a crucial impact on the functionality and operating life of the products in this field. We therefore often develop task-specific tools ourselves, working closely with well-known tool manufacturers to implement them.


All internally vented brake discs are balanced at Sebro, and we use dynamic balancing machines specially developed for brake discs to do so.

Due to the high engine speeds reached in sports cars or in racing engine construction, single-mass flywheels need to have as low a residual imbalance as possible. We achieve this by using our dynamic balancing machines, designed specially for this purpose. Imbalances are removed in this instance by introducing pocket-hole balancing holes on the face or radially as required..


We use our broaching machine to prepare various involute and spline shaft profiles in cast iron and spheroidal casting with the same precision as in heat-treated steel or high-strength aluminium. Of course, grooves can also be broached for feather keys.


Sebro cuts gears on gearwheels, flywheels, toothed belts and sprockets using a hobbing method. Our range of several hundred hobbing cutters is constantly being expanded by new products for custom solutions; and we have these sophisticated tools specially produced by well-known tool manufacturers.


Perforated and slotted Sebro brake discs can be identified by the cross-grinding on the friction surfaces. This special cut is achieved by means of special double-face grinding machines.

In addition, we utilise internal, external, face and profile grinding for various engine, transmission and chassis components.

Complete machining

The bulk of our brake disc range is manufactured on our production lines. In this process, the cast part initially passes through several perforation stations for perforated and/or slotted brake disc types. It is then balanced in the relevant system, also incorporated in the line. The pass is rounded off by double-face grinding and painting, managed by a robotic station. The discs are then packaged.


We label each brake disc during the production process using an embossing procedure. The part number, order number and wear limit data can be found on the outer diameter or chamber. We can trace the component back to the raw material batch on the basis of the order number.

Our laser marking system is used for labelling cast iron, steel, aluminium and plastic components. We can also prepare custom requirements such as Data Matrix codes or customer logos.

Assembly installation

Our assembly department is equipped with presses, furnaces and various other assembly stations. For example, this is where wheel bolts are inserted into brake drums or wheel spacers, oil pump shafts and gears are joined with shrink fits using liquid nitrogen, anti-friction bearings are pressed into impeller hubs and complete assemblies are installed. Assembly fixtures for custom assembly processes are designed and manufactured in-house.

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