From anodising to heat-treating

Many of the products we manufacture from various materials are subsequently surface-treated. We put the finishing touches on our products either in-house or in collaboration with one of our specialised partners. In this way, we top off the quality of our products in a visual and functional sense before we deliver them.


Our brake discs are coated in silver-grey, for example, in the chamber and outer diameter area. This provides a lasting boost to corrosion protection while also improving their appearance on the vehicle. Our automatic painting process ensures high painting quality and a uniform coat thickness.

Finishing process Painting of metal


Numerous products are galvanised, nickel-plated or chromated after machining, for example. This results in optimal corrosion protection and an attractive appearance. We work together with specialised, long-standing partners to perform these galvanisation processes.


We also have aluminium components externally treated by skilled, specialised partners according to our specifications. Anodised layers in RAL colours and highly wear-resistant hard-anodised layers are available, which we for example use for our aluminium wheel spacers.

Finishing process Anodising of  metal


Flywheels for sports cars are sometimes equipped with hardened starter motor gearing. To increase their wear resistance, inductive hardening ‒ precisely matched to the component in question ‒ is performed after the gearing process. This component is representative of a multitude of heat treatment processes that we manage externally. Our partners are set up to handle plasma, gas and salt bath nitriding as well as case-hardening and tempering.

Finishing process Heat treatment of metal

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