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Sebro brakes and engine, transmission and chassis components for the international vintage car and modern classics market have been very highly regarded for over 40 years. We not only work for the classic car divisions of automotive manufacturers, but also for companies that specialise in the development and distribution of products for classic cars. Our core area in this field is brake discs and drums, but we also manufacture components like wheel hubs, sprockets, flywheels and other chassis and engine parts in this segment of the market. All Sebro products stand out thanks to exceptionally attractive pricing combined with superb quality.

Fast availability

In most cases, speed is a crucial competitive advantage. Count on the fast availability of our products and turn our advantage into yours.

Preserve value. With Sebro

In the majority of cases, we can find an ideal spare part solution even for exotic vehicles and rare pieces. That's because, even when it comes to small and medium production batches, we are the right partner for you and your treasured piece of history.

Attractive pricing structuring

We always aspire to offer unbeatable quality. And, whenever possible, at a far more attractive price than our competitors.

Individual advice

When it comes to questions about parts for vintage cars and modern classics in particular, technical advice is especially important. Thanks to our extensive experience in this market segment, you are always in safe hands with us!


Our quality management is certified in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001. Since its first introduction in 2004, we have worked tirelessly to further develop and optimise our system.

High availability

We are always available to our customers, whether by phone, fax, e-mail, text or mobile.

Premium quality

Sebro develops and manufactures under the best conditions and always aims to continue to contribute to the positive image enjoyed by the "Made in Germany" brand.

Reconstruction ‒ restoring what has been lost

When dealing with spare parts for older vehicles in particular, it is often the case that neither the original tools nor drawings are available. Using reverse engineering, we can draw on models to generate all the relevant data required to make a new product a reality.

A question of standards

Reconstructing tradition

Rolling legends. With new grip.

A question of standards

The focus for classic Porsche cars is brake discs and drums, but we also manufacture components like wheel hubs, sprockets, flywheels and other chassis and engine parts in this segment of the market. All our vintage car spare parts have one thing in common: They are not only better value but, from a technical point of view, they are also far superior and of a higher quality than the old original part.

Reconstructing tradition

We have remade brake discs exclusively for the Swiss NSU RO80 club. Working on the basis of a sample part, we reconstructed the old original part and rebuilt it using our CAD system. A completely redesigned model was used to create cast blanks, which we fully processed at our own premises. NSU RO80 drivers can now enjoy brand-new brake discs with original equipment quality.

Rolling legends. With new grip.

In the case of the VW K70, the brake discs were remade following a request from the first international VW K70 club. Working with a sample part, our favoured approach was to measure the sample and subsequently construct the product in our CAD system. Producing the model and the consequent casts for the raw workpieces and completing the machining process at Sebro has provided several hundred examples of this rolling cultural asset with safe brakes and therefore a new lease of life.

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