Only the best material guarantees the best performance

Thanks to our decades of experience in this sector, we know just how demanding selecting the right material can be. As do our suppliers, for that matter. Close collaboration is especially important in this context, because, as a rule, it is important to select the optimal material for the intended use as early as the development phase.

Blanks for brake discs

Our brake discs are primarily made from cast iron, but cast iron is a broad term. There are many ways in which performance can be optimised through the targeted combination of the individual chemical elements. Right from the start, we always concern ourselves with the material composition in order to successfully combine the highest functionality with the lowest possible wear.

Grey cast iron chemically optimized

Forging blanks

Drop forging technology is used for release yokes as well as for high-strength aluminium wheel hubs or sport flywheels.

drop forging technology for forging blanks

Bar material

A large number of different bar materials are used at Sebro. This is another case where it is important to select the perfect material as early as the development phase. That's why we always support our customers in choosing a practical material for their product request.

Bar material made of optimized raw material

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