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It is good that Sebro manufactures to the highest standards of quality, under the best conditions. However, it is even better if these standards can be confirmed and documented without interruption. In this sense, our quality management is not something we see as a necessary evil, but rather a process carefully tailored to our company and one that we continuously optimise. It acts as a helpful tool for every Sebro employee, allowing them to improve a little every day ‒ and stay that way.


We clearly define the quality controls we carry out alongside our manufacturing activities and the measuring devices we use for each component. All our measurement logs are referenced on the respective production batch and archived. We perform final inspections as well ‒ which are also documented.

Quality Process Testing

Material quality

Our quality assurance starts with the raw material. With cast blanks in particular, but also bar material, there can be extreme variation around the world as to what constitutes "good material quality". We therefore always strive to form long-term partnerships with specialised suppliers and only accept material deliveries accompanied by a test certificate as a matter of principle.

Quality process Material quality


All of our components are specially marked. This allows us to reference both the measurement logs and test certificates on the respective production batches. Consequently, every single Sebro component can be traced all the way back to the raw material batch used.

Quality process Traceability

Quality management

Our company is certified in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001:2015. Apart from our annual monitoring audit, all of our processes are scrutinised as part of our continual improvement process. All of our measurement and testing equipment is managed by means of monitoring software, in order to ensure that only certified devices are used. We also take the issue of occupational safety very seriously. Our ongoing checks on safety-relevant processes and the corresponding equipment mean that our efforts to achieve the utmost safety significantly exceed the legal requirements.

 Quality process with certificate

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