Our customers

You cannot please everyone all the time. But you should never stop trying

When one of our customers places an order for the development, production and processing of a workpiece or purchases a Sebro spare part, this creates a very special responsibility for us. We want you to feel like you are in good hands ‒ well advised and well looked after. Our customers' long-term satisfaction with our services and products has always been more important to us than short-term success. Our many long-standing customer relationships and constantly growing customer base demonstrate just how close aspiration and reality are here at Sebro.

Vehicle parts wholesalers, independent Porsche workshops, classic cars & classic car clubs, motor sport teams and tuners as well as customer-specific special solutions

Custom solutions

Sebro develops, manufactures and finishes various components for the automotive industry, applications in special vehicle construction, engineering and other industries in small and medium production batches. The numerous production and treatment processes and accompanying quality assurance we perform in-house mean that there are many routes to a sustainable and successful collaboration with us.

Individual machine parts and components for special vehicle construction

Performance and tuning

We provide a full service, from development and production processes to quality assurance. Our comprehensive automotive expertise means that we are always mastering new challenges in the racing and tuning segment. We are always happy to develop a sustainable, high-quality sports solution for you based on your requirements.

Automotive components and assemblies for the automotive parts wholesale trade

Wholesale business

Sebro offers a wide range of brakes and engine, transmission and chassis components for Porsche vehicles. Our business partners benefit from our technical expertise, high availability and fast lead times.

Brake discs as well as engine, drive and chassis components for Porsche workshops

Porsche workshops

Sebro offers a wide range of brakes and engine, transmission and chassis components for Porsche vehicles. Our partner workshops benefit from the high availability, fast lead times and the high quality and superb price-performance ratio of our products.

Components such as wheel hubs for vintage and classic cars

Vintage and classic cars

We not only work for the classic car divisions of automotive manufacturers, but also for companies that specialise in the development and distribution of products for classic cars. Our core area in this field is brake discs and drums, but we also manufacture components like wheel hubs, sprockets, flywheels and other chassis and engine parts in this segment of the market.

Brake discs, engine, drive and chassis components for motor sports


Brake discs and engine, transmission and chassis components for the racing and tuning sector have to do more than simply look good. More than anything else, they should provide optimum functionality. We therefore set a high standard when it comes to design and implementation.

Porsche drivers purchase spare parts and special parts from Sebro

Porsche drivers

Our wide range of brakes and engine, transmission and chassis components for the international series production and spare parts market for Porsche vehicles is highly regarded by Porsche drivers. All Sebro products stand out thanks to exceptionally attractive pricing combined with superb quality.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Do you have questions about Sebro or our range of products and services? Then simply contact our skilled team by phone or e-mail. We look forward to hearing from you and advising you personally.